bailando || enrique iglesias

black mud (aquilo remix) || l a y l a

WATCH Vic Mensa freestyle from  his “Fire In The Booth” session at bbd radio 1

face again || how to dress well

rated best new track by pitchfork back in june

isabella of castile || STRFKR

stolen dance || milky chance

beside you || 5 seconds of summer

comin THRU || kwamie liv

danish songstress kwamie liv is currently making WAVES in pop music. in darker tracks like follow you and 5 AM her voice is almost indistinguishable from the that of lana del rey but in my opinion her sound and style is far more interesting. fans of artist such as lana, lord or banks will not be disappointed for giving her a listen.


Hey guys! So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding a job so I have no source of income at the moment and with me going to college next month, it’s a bit of a problem. I am still job hunting but odds are I won’t get anything I apply for since I have less than a month before I leave. So anyway, I decided to start an online store called Social Discourtesy: ProfoNationwhich is a play on the word “profonation” which means the theft of something sacred. I named the store that since in my country, the USA, cultures and identities are usually stolen and/or demeaned and when it happens, it is we have to be courteous and remain quiet. 

The shirts I am selling are kind of tongue-in-cheek phrases that underrepresented people hear on a regular basis and also little jabs at the privileged (like the “Boys Drool” and “White Tears” t-shirt) These are only 9 out of 13 products and I hope to add some more in the future. The shirts are unisex so you can make crop tops, cut the sleeves, gift them, etc! I made all these on photoshop so the images do belong to me. Don’t worry, the website hosting my store is legit and is a lot like Society 6 and Etsy.

If you can’t purchase anything, which I understand completely, it’d mean the world to me if you could reblog this! If you buy anything please let me know, I’ll promo you or something, it’ll mean a lot!!! 

resolve || etta bond x raf riley

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